Bas Middelbos shares his Océ experience

Bas Middelbos
Print Process Architect

Attractive choice as employer

Finalizing his studies in Applied Physics, Bas visited one of the Océ in-house days in search for his first career step. Having a passion for technology, Bas was looking for a big Research & Development organization to kick off his career. “The atmosphere, the enthusiastic R&D professionals and their emphasis on the multidisciplinary way of working in projects made Océ a very attractive choice”.

Meaningful applications of technology

Next to the welcoming atmosphere Bas also decided to start his career at Océ because he recognized that working at Océ is about solving complex technology challenges as well as product development. “Our innovations are applied in business processes, graphic arts, industrial printing and even fine art preservation. You need to include and combine technology with needs of customers and other stakeholders. In my role I make sure all pieces of the puzzle fall into place by thinking beyond technology, thinking about meaningful applications. It involves working with customers and business stakeholders at the same time. This makes my job very challenging and rewarding at the end of the day”.

Working as a Print Process Architect

Bas is one of Océ’s Print Process Architects, active in one of the strategic development projects. This project, consisting of about 150 people, has the task to bring a new product to the market. A product that will be marketed and sold by Canon around the world. Bas is responsible for print quality, media application range and costs per print. “All pieces of the puzzle fall into place by thinking beyond technology. It is up to me to determine how good we need to be to serve our customers and to translate this to detailed technology requirements for the expert teams. These different levels are very interesting: in the morning I am talking about text quality requirements for book printing applications and in the afternoon I am brainstorming with experts about droplet sizes and ink viscosities.”

Developing and selling your vision

Architects work on the world of tomorrow by deploying a vision and provide direction and guidance to different expert teams in their project today. “At Océ being an Architect is about creating and selling your product, defining your scope of responsibility and having a plan as if you are an entrepreneur of a start-up. Your personal contribution and impact is still visible at the end of the process. All challenges and problems are yours; it is up to you and your team to make it.” Leadership competences as well as decision-making skills are essential ingredients for finding a successful combination of speed, quality, development costs and much more.

It’s about the people

The role of Architect at Océ means collaborating and engaging with a lot of different people and stakeholders. “It is a key role in a project; you need to be able to cope with uncertainty and be able to handle a lot of different questions and topics at the same time.” Think of the outcomes of the first tests with a newly developed ink, comparing prints of different products as part of competitor analyses, discussing solutions to complex image quality problems or meeting with the project team to make sure development is still in line with planning and budget.

Why is Océ so interesting for an Architect?

“First and foremost the entrepreneurial way of working makes Océ unique, but secondly the type of products we are developing. In developing our systems, technology is interdependent and complex, but your personal contribution and impact is still visible at the end of the process. And finally, people are fully dedicated to one project, which makes product development a real team effort and a great, exciting adventure.”