Carlijn Compen shares her Océ experience

Carlijn Compen

Assignment to broaden skills and competences

Carlijn’s decision to go to work in Japan was motivated by a desire to broaden her personal skills and competences. “I was also looking for something new: a new challenge, in a new environment,” she explains.  After 24 months away from home, Carlijn returned with a wealth of intercultural experience as well as newly acquired verbal and visual communication skills.

Understanding international dynamics

“Working within Canon Inc. in Tokyo also gave me a much better understanding of the Canon organization,” says Carlijn. “When I returned to Venlo, I was ready to take on more responsibility and work in a new area.

If you want something, go for it!

“Of course job mobility is a personal choice,” Carlijn acknowledges. “But if you are interested in exploring the possibilities, the Océ and Canon organizations offers lots of opportunities for personal development. So, if you want something, go for it!”