Christoph Fleischmann shares his experience

Christoph Fleischmann
Head of Procurement Machines

Broader horizons

Christoph used to work for Canon in Germany as a Sales Manager before assuming his position as Head of Procurement for the manufacturing operation at Océ in Venlo. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise through job mobility. In order to get a global understanding of the business, he believes you need to get hands-on experience in different disciplines. “To get the best business results, you need to take decisions based on a much wider organizational perspective,” he says. “This is achieved through your own personal understanding of how all the different parts of the organization complement each other.”

Synergy effect

When asked what skills and experiences from his previous position are useful in the current position, Christoph explains how some functions, such as sales and procurement, complement each other: “A move between these 2 functions, not only enables you to transfer your business skills, they are actually enhanced by the synergy effect. This makes it even easier to convince our partners about our success factors, and to identify potential markets.”

Take responsibility

“Job mobility has given me the opportunities to challenge myself and to keep my mind constantly fresh and open,” Christoph explains. “Never stay more than 5 years in one position. Challenge your boss to show you new opportunities. Take responsibility and be curious!”