Hendrik Jan Jager shares his experience

Hendrik Jan Jager
Head of Canon Business Services at Canon China Co. Ltd

Help Canon Business Services growth in Asia

Hendrik Jan has been involved in our successful business services operation since joining us in 2003. “After working for many years in several functions for Business Services in the Netherlands, now Canon Netherlands, I was triggered by the ambition of our organization to grow Business Services in Asia,” he explains. “I saw this move as an opportunity to use my background and experience to add value in realizing this ambition.”

Building with speed

In Asia, Hendrik Jan is building up Business Services from scratch, so it’s helpful that he is able to draw on his considerable experience in sales and operations, as well as management. “All these aspects combine in what I’m doing now,” he points out. “And of course it’s very important to have field experience in Business Services.” Hendrik Jan: “It’s amazing to see the scale of economies and the speed of change and development here in Asia. It’s also really interesting to experience the Canon culture in Asia, and to work with a mixture of Japanese and Chinese colleagues. I’m learning a lot about doing business in China, as well as about management culture and communication in this region. And I’ve learned to see things from another perspective.”

Challenging, but worth it

Hendrik Jan is enthusiastic about what he, his wife and their 2 children (7 and 11 years) are getting from this adventurous move. “Most of all it’s the international experience. Living and working in Asia is so exciting. Of course it’s challenging at times, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Dare to take on opportunities

Hendrik Jan: “We work for a large international company with a strong global brand. This offers lots of opportunities to explore new career steps. The challenges and consequences of job mobility will be different for each individual, but dare to consider it, and discuss the opportunities with your manager.”