Jérôme Guermont shares his experience

Jérôme Guermont
Software Engineer

From France to Japan

Jerome started at the Créteil site, then moved to work on developing software at the Venlo site. In his new role in Japan, Jérôme is using his 13 years’ engineering and innovation experienc to help build smoothly integrated systems. “I work on solutions for which the physical engine and multiple accessories are developed by Canon and the PRISMAsync controller and High-Capacity Stacker are provided by CANON Production Printing,” he explains. “An important part of my work is promoting our assets in productive workflows, customer-oriented innovation and systems design. I also contribute to the specifications and support of the components designed in Canon Inc.,” Jérôme adds.

Getting to know the Canon organization

Jérôme is enjoying learning about the Canon Inc. organization, the decision making process and the design of its products. “I’m learning new ways of working,” he says, “as well as different methods for organizing projects and designing systems, with a strong focus on cost efficiency and quality control.” He’s also able to contribute his own experience: “It’s good to be able to apply my experience, to help develop the new team I’m working with.”

Successful remote collaboration

Remote collaboration is key to maximizing the impact of the vast pool of talent we have around the globe. Jérôme already had experience in this, and is clear on the benefits it is bringing to his new role. “Remote collaboration is central to my current assignment. The multi-site organization of the R&D activities, and the multicultural composition of our teams gave me the skills I need. I have experienced the value of remote collaboration, developed awareness for its pitfalls, and learnt good practices for improving its chances of success.”

Opening the door for great new products

Jérôme: “Successful collaboration is all about understanding each other better, identifying and solving communication issues and organization mismatches. Getting it right is rewarding personally, and it’s also a real benefit to our organization. In fact, it’s opening the door for great new products, by combining the strengths of both R&D teams.”

Unique experience for the family

While it’s important to assess the impact an expat move will have on your relatives, Jérôme is clear about the benefits: “On a personal level, I was driven by the will to discover a new culture and share a unique experience with my family.”