Michèle Busselaar shares her Océ experience

Michèle Busselaar
HR Manager

Open-minded pioneers

Since it was founded in 1877, Océ has been a company of open-minded pioneers. Today, in order to maintain our position as a global leader in digital printing and imaging, and become the No. 1 printing company, we need people that are passionate about exploring new ways to facilitate technological breakthroughs. And because collaboration is key to accelerating our innovation process, we offer a range of possibilities for employees to work together with colleagues in different departments, business units and sites, in the form of mobility placements.

Michèle Busselaar, HR Manager, explains the importance of internal mobility for both the employee and for Océ. “As part of the HR cycle, employees hold meetings with their manager. These are not just about an individual’s performance, but also provide the ideal backdrop for discussing their personal development, and aligning their personal ambitions with those of the organization,” she explains.

Job mobility

One of the ways Océ aligns these ambitions is through the various job mobility possibilities. And with sites in 9 different countries, both national as well as global opportunities for internal mobility and career development are considerable. Michèle: “Job mobility helps keep the employee fit and motivated, and it’s also a great way of sharing knowledge, best practices, and to introduce new ideas into a department or team.”

Lifelong learning

These opportunities are open to male and female employees of all ages and positions. Michèle: “We are keen to encourage employees of all ages to share their experience. Also, in this changing world, lifelong learning is giving everyone the chance for personal development and growth! The feedback we’re getting from older colleagues who have taken on a new challenge is they have really benefitted from working in a completely different environment.” Exchanging knowledge and experience boosts career prospects as well as innovative power. So, job mobility is great for career and company.