Neha Oberoi shares her experience

Neha Oberoi
Business transformation consultant

The perfect career step

Neha was a European Business Process Consultant in Venlo, working in an operational excellence project. She had been working for 2 years with Canon in Amstelveen when she chanced upon the vacant position at Canon Europe in London thanks to her HR manager in Venlo. “The role was a perfect next step in my career,” she says. “I was looking to use and grow my skills and knowledge within the field of business strategy, and this position offered exactly that.”

Applying existing skills in an intercultural network

While on a content level the 2 roles are very different from each other, Neha is able to use skills she acquired as European Business process consultant. “These include analytical and presentation skills as well as project management and stakeholder management experience,” she explains.

Neha: “My new role has not only broadened my knowledge about different areas of the company, working in a different country has also brought me a wealth of intercultural experience. I’m working with, and meeting people from many different backgrounds. This helps me look at issues from different angles, and also boosts my own creativity and personal growth. And I now have a much wider network within Canon.”


Neha is keen to outline the benefits of job mobility: “In my opinion, this step helps widen your horizons, as you face new challenges and meet new people. You can also add value to the company, because you contribute your knowledge and skills in another area and setting. So job mobility is a win-win opportunity for both the company and the individual.”

It’s worth taking on the challenge

“Change is not always easy and can be daunting at first,” Neha acknowledges. “You can feel ‘displaced’ and think that you have to ‘start all over again’. But take that step! And be patient. It’s only a matter of time till you grow, and discover aspects of your personality you would probably have never seen otherwise.” She also stresses the importance of broadening your knowledge. “In a new job and location you face new challenges, meet new people and gain new expertise. This gives you a real personal boost. It’s definitely worth it!”