Nicoleta Maistor shares her experience

Nicoleta Maistor
Portfolio Manager

Understanding the customer better

Nicoleta joined the Software S.R.L. team in Timisoara in January 2012, with 4 years’ experience as a software developer. “I enjoy working for this company, and was keen to get a position that was more involved with the sharper end of the business,” she explains. “This new role has brought me closer to the customer, and helped me gain a better understanding of our business.”

Gaining the bigger picture

“It’s great that I’m still able to apply the general software engineering skills that I acquired in Timisoara, like learning quickly, self-discipline and attention to detail and, of course, a good knowledge of the product,” says Nicoleta. “My new role has also given me a much clearer sense of the ‘bigger picture’ across the rest of our company, and how important my work is.”

Learning every day

Nicoleta is clear about the most important benefit she is getting out of her job mobility: “Learning! Learning how to work with new people; learning new things in a new job; learning how to live in a foreign country, even when you don’t speak the language and, ultimately, learning a lot about yourself. I really am learning so much – every day.”