Nourdin El Gachi shares his experience

Nourdin El Gachi
Process Operator

Always something interesting to do

I’m a process operator in Venlo. We monitor the production machines, keep an eye on the settings and flow and share responsibility for the product plan. What I love about my job is that no two days are the same. One day, you’re working on the process; the next day, you have meetings; and the next, you might be tinkering with the machines. It’s a mental challenge, which makes it fun! I’ve worked here as a process operator for 13 years now and I’m glad I still run into new types of problems.

The strength of collaboration

Teamwork is very important in this job – there’s too much to do for one person. Everyone in our team gets to use his or her strong points. We also value collaboration between departments. They’re very approachable and are always happy to help. There isn’t much of a barrier between the academics at R&D and the people on the factory floor – I may not be able to do their jobs, but we collaborate really well when there’s a problem to analyze.

You’re never done learning

We focus on innovation. That means you can always keep learning – whenever you are fully up to speed, a new project is just around the corner. Even though we are not a huge company, we are making our mark on this huge market. Our power and vision is something we can be proud of. And that shows at work – you always get the opportunity to learn.