Ruxandra Babiuc shares her experience

Ruxandra Babiuc
Department Manager Software Development

Organizational awareness and impact

For Ruxandra, her new position was also a logical career step. “It’s actually a continuation and extension of the role I had in my previous project,” she explains. “Of course, moving between the Timisoara and Créteil sites has been a challenge, socially and professionally. But this opportunity has given me a greater awareness of the organizational context of what we are doing, and the impact our work has on other aspects of the business.”

New friends

Ruxandra is keen to encourage others to consider international career steps: “On a professional level, you discover new projects and new ways of doing things. And on a personal level, you can immerse yourself in a new culture with different habits, different food and different traditions. But, most importantly, you get to make new friends from very different backgrounds to your own,” she says. “Good communication skills and multicultural experience are helpful, but of course you develop these quickly in a new and challenging environment.”

Teach and learn

“If you do decide to take the plunge,” advises Ruxandra, “be sure to stay positive and open-minded. You should also be willing both to teach, through sharing your experience and expertise with your new colleagues, and at the same time to learn whatever you can from them. This will also ensure that, as a company, we’re able to innovate faster and more efficiently.”