Stan Alberts shares his Océ experience

Stan Alberts
Coach Industrial Engineering

Renewed energy

Having been an International Service Product Manager in the business unit for almost 10 years, Stan was looking for a new challenge. “I was too settled in my comfort zone, and needed to discover new ways of improving myself and my team,” he explains. “So I went to become Coach Industrial Engineering for the Océ VarioPrint® i300. The move to manufacturing has given me renewed energy.  Having the opportunity to think outside-of-the-box has had benefits for me and for the company.”

Improving communication

“Working in any team demands good communication skills,” says Stan. “However, each team is different. And it’s good to see that my operational experience introducing a new printer line, the Océ VarioPrint DP line, can help structure the processes that surround the lifecycle of the Océ VarioPrint i300. Good communication in and between the manufacturing, services, marketing and R&D disciplines is key for optimizing the processes and for scaling up the output.”

Don’t be afraid

Stan acknowledges that taking a step like the one he did, moving from a cozy position he had enjoyed for so long, isn’t easy. Stan: “Job mobility is definitely worth looking into. And in my case, it has had both professional and personal benefits. I have renewed energy and actually feel fitter and healthier!”