Timoer Kenzjebajev shares his experience

Timoer Kenzjebajev
Assembly Operator

Responsibility and trust

I am an assembly operator. For the last couple of months, I have been testing the CANON VarioPrint i300 systems. I get the machine when it’s built and guide it through the testing process, which takes about 5 weeks per machine. The work is an interesting challenge. Even though the machines are identical, they all have different issues. I enjoy the responsibility. My supervisors know what I am doing and they trust my work.

Collaboration and problem-solving

An interesting aspect of my work, and one I’ve never seen before, is the sunrise sessions we have a few times per week. In these 15-minute meetings, everyone can share issues they come across and problem-solve together. I think this is typical of the long history of being a technology company – all problems have to be solved, and this is a very efficient way to do so.

Although I don’t usually work with R&D personnel, I come across them often – the industrial engineers are in close communication with the assembly line, and often join our sunrise sessions. They have a lot of freedom in the product development process, which can be creative and a bit chaotic. Even so, they are always available to help out with problems.

Development on all levels

Working at CANON allows me to grow as a worker and as a person. I never feel like I am stuck. In my 2.5 years here, I have had opportunities for personal development, education and travel, which really makes me feel valued.