Tobias Breintner shares his Océ experience

Tobias Breintner
aboratory Engineer

From study to work

I began my in-work study course (“dual studies”) at Océ in Poing in 2005. After graduating I worked as a development engineer for a year. After this year I took my studies a stage further and did a Masters degree in product development in mechanical engineering in collaboration with Océ. Since completing this course of study in 2011 I have been working as a laboratory engineer in the technology development department.

As a development engineer of a high-performance digital printing company, my job is a very varied one. My main responsibilities include planning, executing, evaluating and interpreting printer and test bench trials to optimize the technology. The primary focus here is on functionality, cost and print quality. In addition, one of the objectives of testing is to constantly push the boundaries of the physical understanding of the printing process. A new and exciting task at the moment is preparing and helping with the initial installation of our printer with the customer.

Never a dull day

What I particularly enjoy about my work here is that I can work on new challenges all the time and I have a lot of latitude when it comes to development because of the combination of our new technology and a new product. What I also very much appreciate, and really enjoy is the friendly, cooperative working environment here in the team.

I can’t actually really describe a “typical” working day because my work is very varied. Either I am working at my desk in the office on concepts, plans and evaluations or I have meetings to coordinate the planning or interpretation of results. I am also frequently in the laboratory, conducting tests or optimizing laboratory equipment.

Océ offers a very varied, exciting range of tasks. Together with the cooperative working environment I very much enjoy working here.