Jeroen Blom – UX Designer

Joined 2017

Why did you join Canon Production Printing?

I used to work as an academic research fellow, and even though we explored some great ideas, we never actually took the step to build things, because that wasn’t our role in the academic environment. I wanted to work somewhere where we make real things, real products. Actually getting a product to a point where real people can use it. That’s what I enjoy most about working here.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt at Canon Production Printing?

I think it’s that you’re always told that you’re not expected to get everything right first time. It’s really good to get feedback. When we do a test, for example, we get lots of ideas about things that can be improved. There is always something you can do better. Going through this iterative process of constructive feedback with the team has proved really valuable.

What does your career path look like?

Since joining in 2017, I’ve worked on quite a range of projects that I’ve really enjoyed – I get to work with a different team each time. There are lots of training opportunities, and the company offers plenty of flexibility for later. If you come to us with a career plan, you can definitely get the support you need.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?

As a UX designer, I always work on the software – either the controller in the printer, or desk software to prepare and analyse jobs. One thing I’m really proud of is that Canon Production Printing won an iF Design Award for a product I’ve worked on: PRISMA color manager. It’s a software tool for measuring and optimizing print quality. This is not our first iF award – but it is the first time the company has received an iF award for software that was developed with our new Design System: Pigment. So I’m really pleased about that. This award should be the first of many!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining Canon Production Printing?

The company does a good job at making people feel welcome. If you’re working on product concepts, go talk to people. They are many, many clever people around here and everyone is willing to help. But you have to explain and show what you’re doing, with sketches, scribbles, anything. Show people what you’ve got, talk about it, and ask for feedback.