Founded in 1877, our mission is to accelerate new digital print technologies and transform them into printing products and services for blue-chip multinationals around the globe and creative studios around the corner.

We innovate for a living

Our advanced inkjet technology is reshaping the way people print across the globe. We apply our ideas in the world’s greatest and fastest digital printing systems. Producing the books you order online. Printing business documents, newspapers, magazines, banners and more.

We can print fine art masterpieces in new dimensions; layers of ink that recreate not just the colors, but also the elevations, texture and brush strokes. We can print onto textiles to help retailers and consumers stay in fashion. We can jet smart, conductive ink on packaging that tells you the condition of its contents. And who knows what the future will print?

We’re moving from the world of print, to printing future.

Quick Facts

Headquarters Venlo, The Netherlands
Employees worldwide 3,000
Male/female ratio 80/20
Dress code Smart casual