Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: our commitment to Non-Discriminatory Practices

At Canon Production Printing, we believe in the philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common good. This desire to play a part in working to develop a better society, underpins our desire for a more inclusive and equitable world. We aim to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace that reflects the diverse communities in which we operate. We look to achieve this by creating a work environment where people are valued, respected, have a sense of belonging and can thrive personally & professionally.

In line with our commitment to our company values Innovation, Ownership, and Collaboration, Canon Production Printing adheres to the principle of Equal Opportunity Employment. These values act as the guiding principles that shape our culture and behavior.

We ensure that all recruitment decisions are based on merit, qualifications and skills, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age or any other potential discriminatory criteria. Below are the actions we take daily to achieve this.

1. Publishing vacancies and collecting applications

Unbiased job descriptions and requirements

Our recruitment team meticulously reviews job descriptions and requirements to eliminate any unintentional bias. We are dedicated to creating a level playing field, ensuring that our language is inclusive and does not deter individuals from diverse backgrounds from applying. To achieve this, we rely on our developed job- and competency profiles for every individual role within the organization.

Job profiles and competency profiles

Our job profiles serve as a foundational resource, outlining the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for each position. Additionally, we have established comprehensive competency profiles tailored to each specific job function. These profiles outline the essential competencies necessary for success in a particular role. By referring to these profiles, our recruitment team ensures that out job descriptions accurately reflect the expectations and demands of the role. This approach not only helps attract a diverse pool of candidates but also ensures that individuals from various backgrounds can be assessed fairly based on their abilities and potential.

Job vacancy distribution

To ensure broad visibility and accessibility to our job opportunities, Canon Production Printing employs a comprehensive approach to distributing vacancies. All our job openings are prominently featured on our internal and external career pages, providing our current employees and external candidates with direct access to opportunities. We also utilize LinkedIn to share our job vacancies and engage with a diverse audience of potential candidates.

Standardizing information: ensuring consistency in candidate data

At Canon Production Printing, we recognize the importance of standardizing the information collected from candidates during the recruitment process. This not only helps in ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation but also streamlines the decision-making process. To achieve this, we have implemented measures within our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to gather comparable information from all candidates.

Through our ATS, candidates are required to submit a comprehensive CV. They also have the option to submit a motivation letter along with their application. By requiring specific documents and information from all candidates, we create a standardized set of data points for evaluation. This consistency allows our hiring teams to make fair and informed assessments based on relevant qualifications and skills, promoting fairness and objectivity in the selection process.

2. Interviews and evaluations

At Canon Production Printing, we believe in fair and equitable evaluation of every candidate, internal as well as external. Standardizing the information collection process not only streamlines our recruitment procedures but also reinforces our commitment to evaluating candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and experiences. The competency profiles that belong to each vacancy are also automatically translated in the evaluation forms that we use within our ATS.

Through these measures, we aim to create a recruitment process that is transparent, efficient, and focused on obtaining comparable information from all candidates, setting the foundation for fair and unbiased decision-making.

Diverse interview panels

To mitigate unconscious biases, each candidate engages with a diverse interview panel that typically includes representatives from recruitment, colleagues from the department, one or more managers, and an HR Business Partner. This collaborative approach not only enhances objectivity but also promotes a holistic evaluation, allowing us to identify candidates who not only meet the technical requirements but also align with our cultural values and long-term objectives.

Training for Interviewers

Our interviewers are given the opportunity to follow a training on fact-based interviewing. This training equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct interviews that are free from discrimination and foster an inclusive environment. The basis of this training is the STAR-interview method.

3. Complaints

If you have a complaint about one of the topics described above in relation to your application, you can file a complaint online


At Canon Production Printing, we understand that fostering diversity and inclusion is an ongoing journey. We remain dedicated to continuous improvement and are open to feedback from our employees, clients, and the communities we serve. By fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered, we believe we can achieve our collective goals and drive meaningful change.

Together, we build a stronger, more inclusive future.