Add color to your world

We develop, build, present and execute. We are resourceful by nature. This means we offer our customers innovative solutions and golden opportunities. High quality is of major importance. This is why we continuously strive to create the best solutions and maintain our leading position in production printing. We innovate and create. We act and we do. Everything we do is in the context of Kyosei: living and working for the common good.

Our employees are proud of the outcome of their efforts. We celebrate our successes and immediately set new ambitious goals. We create to bring color to our world. Collaboration, innovation and ownership are important values within our culture. As are freedom to act, and flexibility. Brainstorming sessions and collaborative meetings promote our employees’ autonomy and freedom to create. We face the challenges that cross our paths with confidence. We constantly encourage everyone in our organization to be their authentic self. We also motivate them to keep learning and get the best out of themselves and their team.

We offer our employees responsibility and allow them to be successful in their challenges. We therefore support individuals who act. Openness, collegiality, trust and stability characterize our organization, together with diversity, self-expression and inclusiveness.

Show your true colors as part of a broad network of colleagues, with short lines of communication.

Our employer brand values