Marco Börner – Hardware Product Designer

Joined 2021

Why did you join Canon Production Printing?

All of my previous experience came into play when I joined the company. After school, I did an apprenticeship as a technical print operator. I joined university to study industrial design worked in the field multiple years in diverse fields ranking from consumer-, medical products, interior to transportation. And on top of this worked at a Japanese Music Instrument manufacturer for 4 years living in Japan. All of these experience connected has basically Product designer at Canon Production Printing written on it.

How would you describe a typical week or day in your role?

There isn’t one! It depends which function I’m working on, and which people I’m collaborating with. We start a new design with analysis, and gradually distil ideas and concepts. It’s an iterative approach of testing, thinking, more testing, more thinking. Also, it’s always an interdisciplinary process – we work with engineering teams, with marketing and finance to create the best possible product. It’s a process that takes around four or five years, and I have only been here for one.

As a Product Designer, I see myself as a guide for the human factors and machine-human interactions which determine what the engine will look like. I use a range of tools, from sketches to CAD modelling in my work. Due to the size of the machines, VR is a highly valuable tool.

What are you working on now?

Two exciting new printing systems. That’s all I can say – the rest is classified! I’ve been working on ink management for these two engines.

Where do you see the greatest challenges in your work?

In the complexity of the projects. A printing system is a production machine for professional users. We aim to make their working lives easier, and make our customers proud of the machines they are using. We have set the bar very high for ourselves!

What is your favorite topic with colleagues during breaks?

Everything that has to do with cultural diversity, from food, habits, approaches, expressions, to politics. Basically everything that enriches my knowledge. Always stay curious!