Bas Middelbos – Print Process Domain Architect

Joined 1998

Why did you join Canon Production Printing – and what keeps you here?

I wanted to work at a larger R&D with lots of challenges. I attended an Open Day and was impressed at how enthusiastic the people were. Since joining, I have switched roles a number of times, and enjoy the different assignments. The company and our R&D department are large enough to offer variety – but not so large that you no longer see your own contribution. At Canon Production Printing, I can have a visible impact on product development.

What do you most enjoy about working at Canon Production Printing?

As a print process architect, my job involves making architectural choices for future printers – for example which technologies are used, its product properties, or what innovations we need.

I really like being the bridge between the product team, customers and technology. What I also enjoy is the opportunity to progress from an idea to a finished product, and to create a product that customers want to buy!

What is the most valuable thing you have learned at Canon Production Printing?

When I first came here from university, I didn’t know just how much you can achieve with a team of highly motivated people. I have learned that you can find inspiration in so many ways. Even with major challenges – the ‘moonshot’ type projects – I have found that with a great team we can get much further than anyone would have thought.

Do you still have the opportunity to work with your physics?

Within R&D at Canon Production Printing, you can build a career on the technical level. Of course, my role involves a lot of working with people. But it is still a technical role, and I’m still doing quite a lot of high-tech work where I use my physics, which I appreciate.

What are you most proud of?

I was the print process architect for the i300, which at the time was the first big cutsheet inkjet printer in the world. It has been very successful. I have since been involved in a new release of the product. We had the vision to take a big step in terms of image quality, and we managed to turn this vision into reality. I’m really proud to have made a contribution.